The "Lina Sisters"

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 The six Lina Sisters are Hanford Pigs, they arrived in October 2013 and were one year old. They were used in Pharmacokinetics (PK) research. They are affectionately known as Javelina, Rascalina, Rumblelina, Vandelina, Babelina and Greedylina.

Hanford labs started creating their own breed of pig for laboratory use in 1958. One of the breeds they used was a wild swamp pig from Louisiana.

They are very athletic pigs with loads of energy to play!





pig pool
Simone came to us in 2007 at approximately 2 years old. She was used in a pacemaker study for medical students.
Gottingen Pigs, are species of pig was first bred in 1960 in Germany from three smaller pig breeds including the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig.
She is very social and sweet and loves her strawberries and treats! 



About our Cows

cows 2 Autumn, Valentine and Muffin are 3 1/2 years old Holstein cows and were used in reproductive studies. They left the lab and went autumn to a dairy farm; they were bred, each giving birth to a calf. Two of the cows developed a staph infection in their mammary glands after the birth of their calves while at a dairy. If they were to have another calf, this could happen again. The dairy returned them back to the lab.

They are now living they're happily ever after with us at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. They have plenty of pasture to roam and are often seen grazing with the horses. 









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