Trinity is 7 years old, she is the offspring of a Premarin Mare from Canada. She Trinity2 came to us along with Misty and Casper

Trinity has been Casper's lead mare off and on over the past year. That status alternates between her and Misty. 

Trinity is a huge attention seeker and is very affectionate. 




shima 2 Shima was previously a Premarin Mare, she came to Kindness Ranch at 8 years old. 


When she arrived, she was unknowingly pregnant and gave birth to foal named Milagro. Shima tends to be shy until she gets to know you. 





Stormy is a former Premarin Mare, she is a 16 years old Draft cross. She arrived at Kindness Ranch pregnant, and gave birth to Second Chance and huge black and white paint. 


Stormy is a visitor favorite and has a very sweet disposition. 

She is never far from her son Second Chance, and her friends Shima and her son Milagro.




Kindness Ranch currently provides sanctuary to 14 horses that are permanent residents. 

Our current horses are not candidates for adoption. 

Second Chance

second chance

Second Chance is a 8 year old Paint and Draft cross. He was born at Kindness Ranch, his chance and stormy mother is Stormy, they are inseparable and you can often find them hanging out with Shima and Milagro

He is the largest of the horses and is very friendly. 





Milagro was born at Kindness Ranch in 2008 to Shima a Premarin Mare. 

milagro and chance

He is a draft and paint cross with strikingly beautiful blue eyes. He is never far from Shima's side or his best friend Second Chance and his mom Stormy. 




misty sm Misty came to Kindness Ranch along with Casper when she was a few months old, her misty and cheyenne mother was a Premarin Mare from Canada. She is 7 years old. 

Misty has been Casper's lead mare off and on over this past year, it goes in between her and Trinity.  

She is a stunning pure white horse, very social and friendly and thrives on getting attention. She usually is hanging out with her best friend Cheyenne. 





Cheyenne came to Kindness Ranch at 5 months old, she was born to a Premarin Mare in Canada. She is a draft cross with bay roam color, she is 7 years old.

She is very friendly and affectionate. 




casper1 Casper is a 6 year old bay gelding, he came to Kindness Ranch at a few months old from Canada where he was born on a Premarin laboratory farm.

casper and trinity

He is the lead of the herd and makes sure to let everyone know it!

His head mare has been shifting this past year between Trinity and Misty.

Casper is always a visitor favorite, he is very friendly, thrives on attention and is definately a clown always looking for something to get himself into mischief! 



Meet Our Sheep


sheep sheep 1

We currently have four Suffolk sheep that came to us from Utah in August 2007.

Their mothers were used in research and it was discovered that their unusual weight gain in the laboratory was because they all happened to be pregnant. So, as their mothers were receiving the pharmaceuticals being tested, the fetuses were receiving the same drugs in utero.

Their names are Amber, Ranger, Cathy, and Brad. 



Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!