Courtesy Posting: Hank

1257 Hank 3 *Hank the beagle is with our friends at PawsCo in Denver, CO.
Well hello! I’m Hank and I’m proud to be a beagle.
Why wouldn’t I be? Snoopy was a beagle, for goodness’ sake. Charles Darwin sailed around the world on the HMS Beagle. A beagle named Uno was “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2008, and Miss P reclaimed that title for us in 2015. Everybody loves us!
That’s why I am just so happy to find my loving forever home! I can’t wait to bring tons of love and laughter to a wonderful family of my own. And I can tell you right now… you’ll just love spending so much time with me! I love lying on the couch next to somebody, goofing around with squeaky toys (even fetching!), or making people smile by hiding my nose under blankets or pillows. I’m one of those special dogs who even sleeps through the night!
*You can check out the rest of Hank's bio and find out how to adopt from him from PawsCo by clicking HERE.

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