George 735 Since his arrival at the Kitty Bunkhouse, George has become a staff favorite. This sweet and affectionate boy is a little shy with strangers, but he will always accept a head scratch or belly rub from his favorite people. He also loves sitting in the window or spending time in the outside cat run, whether he’s sun-bathing, rolling in the plants, or just watching life go on at the ranch. George would probably prefer to be with older, calmer cats - or be the only cat in the house - since he usually doesn't appreciate the commotion and antics that the youngsters create. This eight-year-old can be a little sassy at times, and he will need to find a family that loves and appreciates his independent nature.
** George has recently been diagnosed with Feline Asthma. Just like with humans, the condition can be easily managed in a low-stress environment with caretakers who are mindful of symptoms and possible complications, and are willing and able to provide medical care when needed. You can read more about Feline Asthma here.
Entered this great big world on: 11/20/08
Living the sanctuary life since: 8/7/14
Involved in research for: cat food studies
You can read all about our adoption program HERE. For adoption inquiries email Stephanie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that visitations and adoptions are done by appointment only.

Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!