jed 1 It’s all about Jed! He’s a 6 year old beagle that is retired from a pet food study in Pennsylvania.

His first day at Kindness Ranch, he was the star of the show, it didn’t take him long to begin in play, romp and greeting everyone with a HUGE smile and howdy! He was grinning floppy ear to ear! Jed had us all laughing like crazy at his goofiness, what a character! There is no doubt in my mind, Jed will be adopted right away!

Jed is an active boy who would love an active home!  He has lots of energy, so he would be best suited in a home with children.  He loves to play with other dogs and would love a doggie companion.

Jed He is attention seeking, loves being petted and is all about running the length of the yard in the morning.  He needs a little work on not pulling on walks, but he doesn’t try to take off, his beagle nose is just going a mile a minute with all of the smells. He will kennel when asked and chooses to sleep in a kennel at night. He’s high energy, so a home with an active lifestyle or some children to run him around would be perfect.  He would also do well with a canine companion to spend some time burning off all of his energy.

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