BJ 895 *BJ was adopted in July 2016 by a family from nearby Torrington, WY. Derrick, Susanna, and 6-year-old Xavier decided that BJ was just the right dog for their family after Derrick met him while doing some work at the ranch. Now BJ is their only spoiled pet - just the way he always imagined!
BJ is a friendly and gentle pup who is looking for a best human friend to spend his life with! This two-year-old boy came to Kindness Ranch just after finishing treatment for heartworm disease, and so far he is having a blast making up for all the missed play time! BJ loves spend time with his favorite people, whether they are playing in the back yard or cuddling up for a nap. He also enjoys going for walks and is slowly working on building up his endurance for longer adventures.
BJ has recently gone on a few sleepovers with our guests, and they have reported that he was a perfect gentleman in the house. He does well with older, calm children, but will need a home with no kitties. BJ sometimes enjoys playing with other dogs, but they can make him a little nervous at times so we think he might prefer to be the only dog in his home. BJ’s absolute favorite thing is to spend time with people, and we’re hoping that he can find a family whose absolute favorite thing is to spend time with him! And with this boy’s charming personality and perfect puppy-dog eyes, we know it won’t be long until he finds just that!
Entered this great big world on: 8/18/13
Living the sanctuary life since: 12/20/15
Weighing in at: 40 lbs.
Involved in research for: general veterinary practice
You can read all about our adoption program HERE. For adoption inquiries email Stephanie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that visitations and adoptions are done by appointment only.



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