justine This spunky girl may be the oldest of the bunch, but you would never guess it! At six years old, Justine is as friendly as they come, and she is always ready to greet visitors with kisses and a whole-body wiggle. Although Justine spent the first years of her life in a research lab, she has a love for life that can't be tamed! She loves to meet other dogs and new people, and acts as the big sister to her Beagle roommates. Justine's favorite part of the day is mealtime, and sometimes when she thinks no one is looking, she even tries to steal the cat food! She is quickly learning that doing what she's asked earns her yummy treats and she would love to find a home where they teach her all kinds of fun things she can do for goodies! She is still learning how to walk on a leash without being too nervous, but with the right patient person we know she can be a star. Justine is already comfortable spending time in her crate and is working on housebreaking, and we think she would make a great addition to almost any kind of Beagle-loving home.



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