knowshon At 11 months old, Knowshon is still very much a puppy. This smart, energetic boy does best when he's busy – whether taking walks, playing at the dog park, or learning new things. Knowshon is currently in foster where he is learning how to live in a full house, with two human brothers, an older canine sister, and a cat who is teaching him respect. Because he spent most of the first months of his life in a research lab, everything about living in a house is new to him, but his foster mom says he is doing well: "He can now do stairs, go outside without me taking him, responds to 'come' pretty well. He has conquered fear of his reflection, washing machine and TV." He is also learning basic commands and how to properly walk on a leash. Knowshon would make a great addition to any active family who can put in the time and give him the exercise and attention he needs.

Knowshon is currently living in a foster home in Lafayette, CO.



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