adopted-daisy Daisy was adopted on 5/2/2010

A New Beginning

Who could resist Daisy’s beautiful brown eyes? Certainly not Patricia Taylor and her husband, Burke Grandjean, of Laramie, Wyoming. Patricia, a professor of sociology at the University of Wyoming, came to meet Daisy on Friday. Upon arrival, we brought Daisy out from the dog home to introduce her to Patricia. As if she knew Patricia had come for her, Daisy walked right up, leaned back, and placed her front paws on Patricia’s knees. She then checked out Patricia’s car and started to get in. There was no doubt in Patricia’s mind that the fit was right, and she adopted Daisy shortly thereafter. Since then, Daisy has become a much loved part of her new adoptive family.

Daisy came to the ranch with Donald a couple months back. Both were in a Michigan pound that releases dogs and cats to a notorious Class B Dealer. The dealer then sells the animals into research. Staff at the facility felt Donald and Daisy were both likely to go to this dealer. Donald has since been adopted by a loving Colorado family.

At home in Laramie, Daisy loves to get up in the recliner with Patricia. She carefully squeezes her body into the space available. Patricia makes her toys from socks, and Daisy catches them in the air. According to Patricia, she almost seems to laugh as she trots off with the toy.

Even more interesting, however, has been her new friend, Jackson. Jackson is a large Alaskan Malamute. Daisy has introduced him to the joys of barking at squirrels, and the two are fast becoming friends.

There is one habit of Daisy’s, however, that Patricia and Burke are getting used to. Over the last two days, they have noticed some unusual behavior. Daisy has pushed her head under a bookcase several times. Then, suddenly, she will have an animal cracker. Today, Patricia gave her an animal cracker. Daisy waited until Patricia turned away. She then went over to a big chair, dropped the craker, and pushed it under the chair with her nose.

It seems Daisy knows to treasure a good thing when she has found it. Likely, she feels the same way about her new family. According to Patricia, “We are all attached now, and we love her sweet soul.”

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