adopted-jack Jack was adopted on 9/3/2009

Jack's New Family!

This weekend, a special namesake lead one of our sanctuary dogs to his new home. When Dianna Bennett of Wyoming searched online for pets, the name “Jack” caught her eye. Her son is named Jackson, her husband’s middle name is Jack, and her father-in-law also holds the same name. But most importantly of all, her beloved pet, now deceased, was named Jack. After searching extensively online and in shelters, Dianna knew she had found the one when her eyes rested on Jack.

Dianna and her husband, Kyle Sampson, came with their two young children to spend the night at Kindness Ranch and get to know Jack. Jack was an immediate hit with the kids as he enjoyed both Doritos and playing ball. He laid in three-year-old Jackson’s lap with all the gentleness an 85 pound lab can muster. Jack fit into the family like it was meant to be.

Jack came to the ranch while at high risk of being pulled from a shelter in Michigan by a notorious Class B dealer. He would have been sold into research. Everyone that meets Jack falls in love with him. He is incredibly gentle, tolerant of even the most boisterous of puppies, and he loves to lean into a good cuddle.

As we waved goodbye to Jack, we knew we would miss him. However, he couldn’t have gone to a better home. Dianna is an attorney who prosecutes those who abuse animals. The family has taken care of many strays over the years. Jack will spend the days at the family ranch Kyle manages or playing with the kids at Grandma’s house. While we are so happy to have been part of Jack’s journey, we couldn’t be more pleased that he has found his permanent family.



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