adopted-boots Boots was adopted on 10/5/2009

Back for Boots!

At the end of August, a lucky sanctuary dog name Jack found a wonderful new home with Kyle Sampson, Dianna Bennett, and their two children. Jack settled into life so well with the family that they came back for his favorite playmate, Boots!

Boots, a smart and gentle Catahoula mix, showed up at the ranch back in the spring along with her brother. A few scars and her significantly underweight body hinted at her experiences surviving with her brother. She and her brother immediately took to gentle Jack, a large yellow lab. Together, they could spend hours chasing each other around the yard and playing tug-of-war.

Boots and Jack will now enjoy spending their days together the family’s children. Kyle works at his family’s ranch where Boots and Jack will both get to stretch their legs during the day. For two active dogs, life with this loving family is definitely heaven on earth!

We will miss you, Boots!



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