bunny-at-park Connie was adopted on 12/9/2009

Queen of the Mountain!

Connie, a beagle, is one of Kindness Ranch’s founding animals and longest residents. Today, Connie is celebrating her formal adoption into her forever home in Boulder, Colorado. We couldn’t be happier for her! While her new life is filled with treats and love, it wasn’t always that way. Connie was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill that bred beagles for research. She came to the ranch when the puppy mill was shut down by the local sheriff due to its deplorable conditions.

Former employee, Jill Bielawski, began fostering Connie early this summer. Mornings filled with snuggles, camping trips, and constant company have proven impossible to give up. What started as a foster home has now become a life-long commitment.

When Connie first moved in with Jill, she was a bit shy. It didn’t take long, however, before she befriended the two resident bunnies. Connie is now nicknamed “Bunny” as she comes when the bunnies are called. Meadow the rabbit particularly loves being close to her and follows her around.

connie-in-snow Prone to separation anxiety, Connie enjoys being by Jill’s side most of the time. Fortunately, Jill works from home. Connie has claimed a favorite blanket on the couch and enjoys comfortable naps.

At other times, Connie will venture out into Boulder with Jill. She walks well on a leash in town, is becoming accustomed to “city life” after the ranch, and even accompanies Jill into stores and dressing rooms. During the summer she camped out in a tent and went out for dinner and drinks at outdoor patios in Boulder.

When Jill and Connie return home after being out for a walk or errands, Bunny zooms to the door and jumps up and down, then leaps up on the couch. She also acts like a puppy after baths, which she accepts good-naturedly. She enjoys running through the snow and greeting the many other dogs who live in the neighborhood, including a young beagle down the hall. She is eager to please and always comes when called, unless she’s completely absorbed in a scent, of course.

Connie has discovered new tastes. She has become rather a connoisseur of vegetarian delights. In addition to her meals, Connie likes sweet potato treats, quinoa, vegetables, peanut butter and beans.

connie-in-bed At night, she’s a great snuggler and is good at sleeping in, although she snores like someone much larger than her 23 lbs. In the morning, Jill and Connie have a ritual in which Connie rolls around on her back and gets a belly rub. Life is filled with love and creature comforts. Congratulations, Jill and Connie!



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