adopted-donald Donald was adopted on 4/4/2010

Donald Goes Home!

With smiles all around, Kevin and Jamie Martinico and their daughter, Nicolle, welcomed Donald, a beagle basset mix, into their family. After learning about Donald via Petfinder, the family journeyed with their rescued dog, Jackson, to the ranch for an overnight stay to get to know Donald. It was love at first sight. Much to the Nicolle’s delight, Donald chose to sleep with her the first night.

Donald, whom Nicolle called Mr. D, is a very sweet beagle basset mix who came to the ranch at the beginning of February. He had been at high risk of being given to a Class B dealer and sold into research in Michigan. His sweet and gentle nature and calm disposition makes him an ideal companion for a family with children.

The Martinico family lives in Lakewood, Colorado. During the day, Donald will enjoy running around a neighborhood lake with Jamie as well as a great deal of companionship. Kevin works from home as a pre-sales engineer and Jamie works part time for a beverage company.

Donald’s new doggy companion, Jackson, is a shy Eskie mix that will likely benefit from Donald’s easy going nature and love for fun. When Jackson first met Donald at the ranch, he was a bit fearful. But after a few play bows and kisses, Jackson began to melt and warm up to Donald. By the end of the visit, Jackson was prancing around the family, including his new buddy.

While at the ranch, the family took the dogs on walks and went to visit the cats and other sanctuary residents. Hopefully the visit will be the first of many!



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