adopted-athena Athena was adopted on 7/16/2011

A Wish Fulfilled!

I wish I may, I wish I might….wish for a loving home, land to run on, a comfy couch all my own, and lots of toys, toys, toys! Oh, and treats! Today, Athena, an energetic pointer mix and former pet food tester, had all her wishes granted. After a humorous home inspection involving Athena and the shredding of a white fur rug, we knew the perfect match had been made.

Athena came to the ranch almost two years ago. She is a beautiful pointer cross with boundless energy and a love for people, but not really other dogs. It made her a bit of a challenge to adopt out. With the wonderful help of behaviorist Aimee Sadler and her terrific colleagues, we spread the word far and wide about Athena.

Raymond and Jeanette Davis of Grand Lake, CO learned about Athena. They had been looking for a dog for awhile, but not seen the right one. They had a dog of similar breeding to Athena in the past, and fell in love with her immediately. Right away, they expressed their interest in Athena.

Karen Straight, Co-Director, and Tammy George, Animal Caretaker, drove out to the Davis house with Athena to do a home check. They were touched immediately by the welcome sign for Athena hanging cheerfully from the garage door. The privacy of the house and the beautiful seven acres abutting more land is heaven on earth for a dog like Athena. But most importantly, Jeanette and Raymond demonstrated gentle caring and love.

Not long after we entered the house, Athena disappeared upstairs. After five minutes, Tammy suggested we check out what she was up to. To our horror, Athena had destroyed a white fur rug. It was like a movie set with white fur flying everywhere and Athena still in the middle destroying the last tidbits with great enthusiasm. “Oh, my!” said Tammy. As Karen dragged Athena off the rug, both Tammy and Karen thought that was the end of the adoption.

As everyone went back downstairs, Raymond whispered to Tammy, “I never liked that rug anyways.”

“Would you like some cake?” Jeanette asked us.

We all smiled. Of course, we would like some cake. As we completed the adoption papers, Athena checked out the magnificent views of the expansive property from every window possible. She hugged and kissed her new family members. She jumped on a red chair. Raymond said that he had been trying to get rid of the chair, but now it could be Athena’s. As she dragged up a toy onto the chair, it was evident she agreed it would work out just fine.

It is the perfect match.

This adoption would not have happened without the help of Aimee Sadler and her colleagues. We so appreciate their commitment to finding the perfect home for animals.



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