adopted-casey Casey was adopted on 9/18/2010

New Beginnings!

With a wag of the tail, Casey, a golden retriever hound mix, began his new life yesterday with his loving family, the Berkelhammers of Louisville, Colorado. After three years in teaching and research, Casey seemed to immediately sense the gentleness of his new family members, and he explored his new home with great curiosity upon arrival. He settled onto their couch and against Sara, the Berkelhammer’s 13 year old daughter, with a look on his face of pure pleasure. Casey’s adoption was facilitated by a wonderful new partnership with Longmont Humane Society that helps our animals to get more exposure to potential adopters.

Kindness Ranch is located in rural Wyoming. The nearest large city is two hours away. As summer turns to fall, it can be challenging to bring the public to our animals for adoption purposes. With the help of Longmont Humane Society we are bringing our dogs for short visits to the more populated area of Longmont to increase the likelihood people will see our dogs and adopt. We have reserved two dog “suites” at the shelter. We are thrilled that Longmont shares our commitment to valuable partnerships to help animals.

Within a week of coming to Longmont, Casey met his new family. The family came together, saw Casey, and immediately knew he was the one for them. Fred Berkelhammer is looking forward to having a hiking partner. Sara and her mother are already planning on enjoying an obedience class with Casey as part of the bonding experience. Within an hour of Casey’s arrival, the family was happily taking him on a walk and helping Casey to feel at home.



Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!