adopted-chester Chester was adopted on 10/3/2010

Visited by Angels!

According to Yvonne DiVita, she didn’t know there was a big hole in her life until Chester, a seven year old former research hound, became a part of her family. Yvonne and her husband, Tom Collins, adopted Chester from Kindness Ranch recently. The joy Chester brings them, Yvonne says, is “overwhelming.”

During the past seven days, Yvonne and Tom introduced Chester to their home. Chester was puzzled by the sliding glass door and ran into it a few times. It took some encouragement for him to go up the long flight of stairs to their bedroom. It didn’t take him long to learn the kitchen is where good smells and treats come from. He has already chosen a favorite spot in the sun near the sliding glass door. At night, he sleeps by the Tom and Yvonne’s bed.

Chester was especially thrilled when Yvonne and Tom introduced him to the rest of the family, including their children’s dogs, Twiggy and Onyx (a greyhound and a pit bull mix). The dogs raced around the yard, thrilled to have another friend. Check out Yvonne’s blog to read more about Chester’s new life.

We found Chester’s new family thanks to our partnership with Longmont Humane. Given our rural location, we have arranged for a couple of our dogs at a time to visit Longmont Humane for short periods. The increased visibility helps them to find their forever homes. We retain ownership of the animals and all adoptions go through us.

According to Yvonne, having the love of a pet is like being visited by angels. Certainly, that is how we feel about the sanctuary residents at Kindness Ranch. We are thrilled Chester has found his forever family.



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