Cherry on Top

adopted-cherryontop Cherry on Top was adopted on 10/10/2010

The Kindness Ranch is a place where animals bond with people, and often, with one another. Take Chester and Emily.

Recently, lucky Chester was adopted from the Kindness Ranch by Thomas Collins and Yvonne Divita, of Frederick, Colorado. They’d been considering introducing two dogs into their home in a dog-friendly neighborhood, so adopting another dog from the same place as Chester “was a no-brainer,” Tom and Yvonne reported.

Delightful young Emily is also a hound dog, and is buddies with Chester. She is a rambunctious 2-year-old with an expressive face. Emily’s new guardians report she is keeping them on their toes: She considers the leash a tool to pull Tom along, and she thinks she should get all the treats first. But, Chester seems happy to share his new home with Emily. An older dog, he may need to stay active longer with Emily around!

Over the last few days, Emily has embraced her forever home. She bolts upstairs to see what her new family is doing, then bolts downstairs to check on the cat, runs around the dining room to see where Chester is, checks on her food bowl, and dashes outside again. Emily even ran into the sliding glass door because she had never encountered one before.

It’s wonderful to see our dogs bond with one another and head into a life of love with a new family to cherish forever. Congratulations, Emily, on your new home! Tom and Yvonne thought they had it all with Chester and their cat, but Emily has proved to be the cherry on top!



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