adopted-bobcat Bobcat was adopted on 7/5/2010

An Accidental Meeting!

Kelley, a Kindness Ranch intern from Truman State University, did not meet the new love of her life in the usual manner. On her first day on the job, Kelley walked through the kitchen in the cat home and Bobcat literally fell into her arms from atop the refrigerator. Lucky for Bobcat, Kelley has quick reactions. She held Bobcat cradled in her arms after her tumble. Over the next six weeks of her internship, Kelley spent time with Bobcat every day. By the completion of Kelley’s time here, it was a foregone conclusion that Bobcat, a seven year old former research cat, was meant to be a permanent part of her life.

From that first meeting, Kelley noticed Bobcat’s expressive eyes and how she looks at her with trust. Kelley began taking Bobcat on sleepovers at her cabins. Bobcat would return Kelley’s affection with little “cat kisses,” as Kelley calls her gentle licks. She especially grew to enjoy how Bobcat would fall asleep by her side, her laid back disposition, and her friendliness to other cats. Bobcat has an endearing habit of rising up on his hind legs to wave his paws at you in the friendliest of greetings.

An avid cat lover, Kelley is a senior at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Her love for animals was obvious in her energetic work with the animals throughout the course of the internship. This past weekend, the two of them flew happily flew back to Missouri. They are a perfect pair. The two will keep each other in good company as Kelley starts back to school in September.



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