adopted-cosmo Cosmo was adopted on 9/28/2010

A Family Affair!

A year ago, Cosmo, a yearling born to a Premarin mare in Canada, was at great risk of going to slaughter. Folks at Kindness Ranch learned of his plight and arranged for his safe passage to Wyoming. This weekend, he became a much welcomed and desired part of the Stauffer family of Gering, Nebraska. In fact, his adoption was a family affair. Everyone came to meet Cosmo from Grandfather Stauffer, the grandchildren, and the family dogs.

Kindness Ranch staff delivered Cosmo to his new home on an enormous ranch in Nebraska with beautiful facilities and, most importantly, loving caregivers. The current ranch horses neighed in welcome. The dogs gathered round. Billy Joseph, his wife, Kristin, and their two children Kilee, 7, and Kiera, 4, warmly greeted Cosmo. Billy’s brother, Kenny, also helped to make sure Cosmo settled in properly. Cosmo quickly relaxed at his new home and enjoyed the touch of Kilee as she gently stroked his mane.

Having grown up around horses, Billy is eager to introduce his daughters to equines. The girls clearly share his enthusiasm. With so much knowledge and clear love for equines, we have no doubt that Cosmo is looking forward to a long and full life in Nebraska.

Cosmo is one of the lucky ones. This fall has been a devastating time for horses involved in the Premarin industry. Many of the Premarin ranches in Canada lost their contracts with pharmaceutical companies. While it is wonderful the production of Premarin is in steep decline, the number of horses affected by the lost contracts is truly tragic.

We couldn’t be happier that gentle Cosmo has escaped this horrible fate and will know only love and happiness for his life.


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