Running for Kindness

running Kindness Ranch supporter, Teri Shecter will run a 100-mile marathon, on April 29th & 30th to benefit former research animals We are asking all of our generous donors to support Teri efforts in her "Running for Kindness" fundraiser. All the proceeds will benefit Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Below is an email from Teri about her upcoming journey to benefit former research animals:

"This is the year I turn I thought it would be "fun" to run 100 miles. This is my first 100, however, I've run two, 50-mile ultra's in the past and many shorter races... So you'd think I would know better! I'll be running the Salt Flats 100 which begins just outside Windover, Utah. It sounds easy (sort of) but they manage to sneak in 5,000' of elevation gain. Dang it.

I wanted this run to be about something larger than myself and my passion of animal rescue. I volunteer locally in the Grand Junction, Colorado area but I wanted to move beyond my own community. I received a flyer from Kindness Ranch a few months ago and after reading their website I knew they were the group I wanted to support. Their rescue work with this often forgotten group of animals is truly inspiring. I plan to have a number of different photos of Kindness Ranch residents and focus on a different animal for each 5 miles of the race. Whatever discomfort I (willingly) endure during this 30 + hour race is nothing compared to the lives many of these animals experienced before they came to Kindness Ranch. Their strength and will to survive will keep me moving forward. So come join me on the trail! help me help this amazing sanctuary. This is how we change the world." 

Click here to support the "Running for Kindness" marathon.

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