Five Little Piggies Arrive at Kindness Ranch

new-pigs We have five new residents at Kindness Ranch! The long anticipated five Hartford Pigs finally arrived this week. All five are one year old females, weighing about 90 lbs when they are fully grown they will weight approx 180 lbs. They came from a lab in Northern Colorado, and were used in a PK study.

It was quite the adventure in getting these five little piggies. Last week, our Ranch Manager David Sleeper traveled to Colorado to pick them up. Turns out, the timing wasn’t the best as it was the day the Colorado floods devastated the area of Northern Colorado. Needless to say, David was stuck down in Colorado, the roads were closed and the pigs were going to have to stay put at the lab for the time being. Luckily they were all safe and sound. The adventure to pick up the pigs began again this week, they were picked up on Wednesday and made it safe and sound back to the ranch and were greeted by staff and four visiting volunteers.

The five pigs had never been all together before, they had been separated 3 and 2 together, so it made the process very interesting to say the least. It took some working it out among themselves, but now they seem to be getting along well.

We still need to name them all, thinking the “javelina” sisters fits them well! They are feisty, athletic and full of energy!

Their introduction to freedom, exploring new things and a huge play area are all part of their new day at Kindness Ranch!

new-pigs 1 new-pigs 2 new-pigs 3 new-pigs 4



Eleven New Animals Arrive at Kindness Ranch

Pet food companies use “palatability testers” in labs, intending to learn what foods dogs and cats like better. Kindness Ranch was contacted many months ago by one of the companies; they had a number of dogs and cats ready for retirement.
On Tuesday, 6/25, all eleven arrived to their new Wyoming home! This has really streeeeetched our facilities.
If you or anyone you know might be interested in fostering or adopting, please contact Vicki,  307-331-0445, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Bringing in the New Year with a Beagle Just Released Today!

clark This year has gone by like a flash in the sky, just three days away before we bring in the new year.

As a great finish to 2015, another beagle was released from a lab today. Help us in wishing Clark, the newest member of the pack a happy new year and a warm welcome to his first day of freedom!

January is already gearing up to be a great start, with three more Beagles scheduled to be released to Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

We truly appreciate YOUR support in helping us to continue our mission in providing sanctuary to former research animals!



Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!