Just what is a cat??

Jumper, the cat. Resident of Kindness Ranch and up for adoption! Cats can be so fun! A soft ball of fur with four legs. A purring machine who loves basking in the sun. A low-maintenance pet with a playful, silly side; if you have a loose shoelace, watch out…your cat just might be waiting to grab it!

Cats can also be mysterious. They can be aloof and seem to ignore their human friends. Offer up the wrong kind of food for dinner and prepare to be snubbed! These things make our companion cats all the more fun to have in our lives. They seem to be masters at capturing our imagination and our affection.

Why do cats live with us? In ancient times, humans used dogs for hunting. Cats didn’t come into favor until 7,000 or 8,000 years ago. This is when we started to settle down and needed help with rodent control in homes and food storage areas like granaries. It’s thought that cats learned to adopt humans as much as humans learned to adopt them! Today in the United States, there are over 90 million cats in 34% of homes.

At Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary, we have some great cats looking for new homes. See our website for profiles of our fabulous felines: www.KindnessRanch.org. We’re located just north of Hartville on Highway 270. If you’d like to come by for a look, please let us know when. Contact Vicki at 307-331-0445 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And if you’re looking for a dog, we have some canines for your consideration too!

Horses, Pigs and Sheep Oh My!

stampede Fourteen Horses now call their forever home, Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. 

Casper, Misty, Trinity and Cheyenne were all brought to us when they were a few months old, after being born at a Premarin Research Laboratory in Canada. These four foals were the lucky few that were able to survive, unfortunately most don't. 

Stormy and Shima both came to us unknowingly pregnant and gave birth to two amazing draft and paint crosses named Milagro and Second Chance. These four are never apart from each other, their bond is forever. 

Eight retired Thoroughbred racing horses were taken to a research facility on the east coast where they were used in nutrition studies. They arrived at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in 2008. Mary Kay and Hailey are best friends and spend most days grazing together. 

Today, eight years later Casper is now the head of the herd, and he makes sure everyone knows it! The lead mare alternates in between Trinity and Misty and there is a ongoing saga of who finally will secure that position. Casper is always a visitor favorite and thrives on the attention! He is also the mischievous one in the herd, always looking to get into something. 

Misty and Cheyenne are best friends and are often seen hanging out and grazing together. Both of them are very affectionate and enjoy the attention. 

All of these precious horses have been given a second chance and are now roaming free on our 1000 acre sanctuary, thanks to incredible supporters like yourself! 

They receive extraordinary daily and vet care, plenty of food and of course as much attention as they want. Our expenses average $1,000.00 per month for their routine vaccines, worming, farrier work, hay & alfalfa and other medical attention as needed. Our horses are permanent residents of Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary, this is their forever homesWill you help us to provide extraordinary care for these former research horses and their offspring?

YES! I would like to sponsor a year of extraordinary are for a former research horse with the following:

Hay and Alfalfa: $300.00 
Farrier Work: $250.00
Vaccines (includes routine vaccinations and quarterly worming meds) $100.00
Vet Care: $150.00

Yes, I would like to make a general donation to help the former research animals! 

To learn more about each of our horses our website at www.kindnessranch.org or click onmeet our horses

There are several ways you can help Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary! Make a donation, become a monthly donor, and don't forget to tell your friends and family! Have a gift you need? Consider making a donation gift, perfect for that special someone that is a animal lover!

Help Kindness Ranch With Critical Equipment Needed!

ETA-6-VALUE-SB-3 The end of August is upon us, fire season is here and before we know it winter will be just around the corner!

Kindness Ranch is located on a 1000 acres in S. Wyoming. So far this week we have had 4 separate fires breakout very near the ranch due to the severe thunderstorms we had on Sunday, August 18th. Lightening was striking all around us, we witnessed a strike hit the hill above the ranch on our neighbor’s property, and within minutes a pine tree was on fire! Across the road was another fire. On Tuesday, winds kicked up and smoldering from a lightning strike, flamed up and here comes two more fires! These were to the west of us and nearby, luckily the winds didn’t change directions. All of the fires were put out quickly, we have been very lucky and very appreciative of our local fire departments (mostly volunteers!) for doing such an incredible job protecting the community and forests.d the corner! Kindness Ranch needs your help!

snow Here is how we need your help! Our rear blade on our farm tractor has ceased and is not repairable. We have more fire lines to make along our roads and new brush to be cleared out of the horse corrals. This blade is a critical part of our fire mitigation, clearing weeds along roadsides and corrals, maintaining our gravel roads all over the ranch, and it is our snow plow during bad winter storms! This last spring in April, we had a storm that brought 2 feet of snow overnight!

This equipment assists us with so many critical aspects in keeping our facilities for our animals accessible and safe. Right now fire is the most immanent danger to our sanctuary. 

What we need: 8 foot wide rear blade for farm tractor, rugged enough to match 75 HP tractor. Estimated Cost $1,100.00

fire-8-20-340x226 If you can help make this happen, please consider making a donation to Kindness Ranch for our Tractor Fund by sending in a donation via, our website at http://kindnessranch.org/donate/, calling us with a credit card number, or mail to Kindness Ranch 854 State Highway 270 Hartville, WY 82215. Please make sure to identify with your donation that it is for the tractor fund (if you mail write on envelope!)

If you have any questions, please visit our website at www.kindnessranch.org and contact us.

From all the fur-kids at Kindness Ranch, THANK YOU for your continued support and assistance!

Help Kindness Ranch Pick a Name for This Sweet Beagle

libby Help us name her! She came to us from a lab in Colorado, and has no name! Kindness Ranch will be having a naming contest on our Facebook page for this little gal! We will have the contest open for the next three days, please post your suggestions and the one with the most “likes” will be considered for her new Kindness Ranch name! Please join us in the fun!

She is 2 1/2 and was used in a Fat Dog Study, in which the dogs free-ate a high-fat diet for 45 days. The rest of the study involved many weeks of a weight-loss drug and diet dog food. She now has just a few extra pounds that we’re sure she’ll burn off romping with her new dog friends in the massive runs at Kindness Ranch.

Appointments are REQUIRED in advance to visit Kindness Ranch. Please make appointments with minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure we will be able to accommodate your visit. Thank you!